Customer Enquiry

I have now finally completed my latest major project, photographing weeds for a new book. It has taken 6 months of fossicking about in scrub, gullies, swamps and a heap of other places looking for suitable specimens.
You may not think photographing weeds is much of a project but I must admit I quite enjoyed roaming around in some weird places looking for subjects and coming across subjects you have not seen before was good fun. Yes it may not be glamorous but to get photos of hard to find subjects is very rewarding. A lot of the photos taken are now loaded onto the Stock Library on this web site. So if anyone is putting brochures, books, or flyers together who may need a few weed photos they are easily downloadable from this site.
I have just completed a series of photos on rare and endangered snakes over the recent Easter break.
It was great fun to have a look at these hard to find specimens and try to get a few images of them. Once again they are loaded onto the Stock Library under the reptile’s collection.

Please enjoy the web site.